Good things come in trees

Green waste which is collected from branch clearing operations will now be recycled as wood chippings and placed into shrub beds as Home Fix Scotland continues to reduce its environmental impact.

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  • 6 Feb 2020

Five of the grounds maintenance team undertook the training, under the watchful eye of agricultural and horticultural expert, Strun from Fraser C. Robb.

In addition to making the shrub beds more aesthetically pleasing, the wood chippings (also known as mulch) help to suppress weed growth providing staff with more time to focus on larger open spaces that require their attention.

Derek Robertson, Environmental Supervisor at Home Fix Scotland said: “Recycling green waste is beneficial for both the business and the environment. It enables us to keep the organic material in the ground whilst ensuring that we don’t take up precious landfill space.”

​​​​​​​In fact, the grounds maintenance team weren’t the only part of the business who had successfully undertaken training recently.

​​​​​​​Earlier this week Jamie McLean, Gary McLean and Michael Sheekey successfully completed their refresher course for the safe use of the fork lift trucks, with further training scheduled for our Stores Supervisor Marcel Hubeaux, Robert Love and David Easterbrook (who work in our joiners workshop).

Fiona Campbell, Senior Contracts Manager at Home Fix Scotland said: “Investing in training, whether it’s environmental or health and safety, helps safeguard the future of our staff by providing them with new skills and knowledge.”