Home Fix Scotland host team talk

Home Fix Scotland held its first team meeting of the year at the Beacon Arts Centre last week.

Team Talk 1

  • 1 Apr 2022

As well as outlining the targets for the new year such as reducing the backlog, Derek Ferguson, Managing Director, also took some time out to praise the efforts of staff in what has been a challenging year.

The Voids Team has been making excellent progress, working hard to get on top of the repairs backlog due to COVID-19. Supply chain issues have also eased slightly due to restrictions being lifted, allowing for planned works like kitchens, windows and painting to be planned for the full year. Meanwhile, the Environmental Team has maintained their great start to the year after successfully completing their winter programme and look forward to commencing their grass cutting starting with Glebe Court on April 4th.

The new working year has also resulted in a shift in systems and reporting. Our IT department has been working closely with our Admin Team to generate insights and data, re-evaluating timescales and generating predictions in order to better understand the repairs journey and manage expectations more closely for staff and customers alike.

Following a full review of the stores and van stock, Home Fix Scotland will also be amending its parts policy to more accurately reflect the needs of its van stock and repairs programme. For instance, ensuring that they have a more defined replacement of parts available to its operatives.

Staff were also reminded of the importance of tracker fobs and their role in keeping them, as well as the van safe. Derek Ferguson further outlined plans for a review into fuel cards with a new system touted that will equate to one card per van and will be linked with the user and their vehicle.

Finally, operatives from Home Fix Scotland were also given the opportunity to provide feedback on ways in which they can make their job safer with the establishment of a new Health and Safety Forum to prioritize staff wellbeing. Prior to the conclusion of the presentation, staff were also presented with their new black uniforms and advised that the new PPE supplier is working hard to roll this out to all staff in the coming months much to the delight of the HFS workforce.

Derek Ferguson, Managing Director at Home Fix Scotland, said: “The scale of progress over the last few months has been really promising and now it’s important that we are able to build on this. By undertaking an evaluation of our current processes, we have been able to overhaul the existing provision of systems and resources to more accurately reflect the needs of our workforce and the customer. All staff from across the organisation have demonstrated a willingness and receptiveness to adapt which I am really proud of. From the Admin Team to the tradesmen, it’s really important that their tireless work is recognised across RCH Group.”

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