Home Fix Scotland partner the Trust to provide local employment opportunities

New pilot scheme launched in Inverclyde

Environmental Issues Improvements

  • 4 Dec 2020

Repairs and maintenance contractor, Home Fix Scotland, has partnered with Inverclyde Community Trust to launch a new pilot scheme offering employment support to those who need it most.

The project, which began last week, will assess the viability of a new service aiming to provide close cleaning, bulk uplift and backcourt maintenance to Inverclyde residents.​​​​​​​

Since 23rd November, a volunteer from the Trust has been assisting Home Fix Scotland operatives with day-to-day tasks, from tackling dirty closes, improving backcourts visual appearance, identifying fire hazards to passing on information and assisting with tenancy management.

As well as equipping them with the experience and skills necessary to thrive in the industry, senior staff at Home Fix Scotland is hopeful that the project’s success could lead to a fixed term contract with the organization.

Despite being in its infancy, there are already signs that this partnership is proving advantageous with fire hazards being removed on the spot, maintaining customer safety.

And yet, the volunteer is not the only one benefitting. Residents of John Street have also been reaping the rewards. As part of the environmental improvements taking place, bulk items have been removed from communal areas, damaged drain covers have been replaced and bin sets have been cleaned.

But Home Fix Scotland can only continue to provide these services and employment opportunities long term if the demand is there.

Tam Rough, Contracts Manager at Home Fix Scotland said: “One of our key priorities is to improve customers satisfaction within their neighbourhoods and make our properties as attractive possible for our customers to reside in.

The repeated delivery of environmental services such as close cleaning, backcourt maintenance and bulk removals will assist with these objectives but we can only do this if there is enough interest from our customers. There is also the added advantage that this would assist in creating local employment opportunities for the residents of Inverclyde.

Donna Bryson, Employability Services Manager at Inverclyde Community Development Trust said: “The Trust welcomes opportunities to work with employers who are able to provide valuable work experience for trainees. We are delighted to be involved in this exciting project with Home Fix Scotland and look forward to the future possibilities it will bring for our clients, now and in the future.”