Residents praise Home Fix Scotland

Broadstone Garden residents delighted with visit from Environmental Team

Arthur Jones

  • 6 Nov 2020

The implications of a global pandemic, a national lockdown, social distancing rules, self-isolation and quarantine has taken an enormous toll on everyone’s mental health.

Amongst those hardest hit are the elderly. According to a recent study by Age UK, nearly three-quarters of people over 70 have said their mental health has been affected by Coronavirus.

And while the Government’s instructions to stay at home and limit contact with loved ones are vital for protection against the virus, it also means that millions of older people are locked down alone, at an incredibly anxious time.

With further lockdown restrictions due, it’s more important than ever that older residents can get outdoors and exercise.

However, the combination of a sunny summer and the west coast rainfall meant that a lot of the gardens had overgrown making it difficult for residents to walk around safely.

One visit from Home Fix Scotland’s Environmental Team was all it took, as their operatives set to work straight away, carefully managing any risks before ensuring that the outdoor area was once again safe and secure.

One resident, Mr Arthur Jones was particularly delighted with the work carried out. He said “They’ve done a great job! This means I will be able to go out for my daily walk, weather permitting!”

Derek Roberston, Environmental Supervisor at Home Fix Scotland said: “It’s fantastic to see the residents reclaiming their garden. Ensuring our customers are able to remain active is not only good for their physical health but it also plays a big part in maintaining their mental health too.”