Staff rein it in for a good cause

Last month Home Fix Scotland took the opportunity to fund raise for charity during the Cheltenham Festival.

Cheltenham Festival 1

  • 3 Apr 2020

HFS staff raised £140 for charity last month during Cheltenham Festival.

The money raised will go towards Greenock branch SSAFA, an armed forces charity for military personnel, veterans and their families.

Once a day, staff could donate £1 and in return they were given a horse at random. The winnings from each of the seven races that week were then split between the winner and the charity.

All staff had the chance to nominate a local charity and SSAFA received most nominations although all were deserving causes.

The event was widely received by staff who were spurred on by all the lunch time excitement.

Tam Rough, a Business Readiness Manager at HFS said: “We all had a discussion about the money raised and where it could go. The SSAFA is a charity I know well and so I’m delighted that the money is going to such a fantastic cause. It was particularly great to see the staff having fun in the name of a good cause.”

Once this current crisis is passed arrangements will be made to handover the donation to SSAFA.

*Update: On the week beginning 13th July 2020, staff from HFS successfully managed to handover the money safely.*