Sweeping Beauty spotted at Mill Street

In preparation for summer, Home Fix Scotland were out trialing the latest in weed removal technology at Mill Street, Greenock last Thursday.


  • 5 Feb 2020

​​​​​​The Kersten Weedo provides a new environmentally friendly alternative to weed, moss and algae removal.

Powered by Honda, its hydraulic drive attachment removes weeds in half the time and with half the manpower.

Ideal for block paving and path edges, it’s metallic brush heads can be used on a range of different surfaces from concrete and tarmac to deep set cobbles, all without the need for pesticides.

During the two hour demonstration Home Fix Scotland staff were also shown a range of infared weed burners.

Tam Rough, Business Readiness Manager at Home Fix Scotland said: “Investing in new machinery will help to reduce manual labour and increase flexibility within the grounds maintenance team, allowing our staff to concentrate on other aspects of their work."